Select, Fabricate, Automate, Solve

INKO can automate all valve types regardless of the available power supplies. We partner with leading brands in the industry and have the expertise to:

  • SELECT: Working with the engineer responsible for the specification, we will select the correct actuator type and size based on the basic valve data and the operational criteria for your plant. 
  • FABRICATE: We fabricate all components necessary to mount the actuator to the valve. This result: a complete, in-house assembled package that includes actuator, controls and a selected valve.
  • ASSEMBLE: The careful assembly of the valve to the actuator is critical to ensure that an automated valve performs correctly and reliably.
  • COMMISSION: We assemble, test and commission a system that includes the appropriate actuator and controls for your needs.

INKO’s Valve Automation Package includes:

  • Solenoid valve
  • Valve position monitoring (switch/digital)
  • Positioner
  • Mounting bracket
  • Special mounting bracket for insulation
  • Air set
  • Silencer
  • Quick exhaust valve
  • Speed controller
  • Manual gear overdrive

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