Reduce Costs of Steam Trap Energy Loss

Steam trap surveys can help you reduce energy losses in your steam heating process system by up to 20%. INKO can help you by conducting our INKO Steam Trap Survey to find maintenance oversights, document weaknesses and recommend solutions.

Cost Of Loss

Insufficient maintenance of steam traps over a three- to five-year period can result in failure rates of 15 to 30 percent (source: Department of Energy). When steam is allowed to escape the condensate return system, losses of up to 20% of the steam generated can occur. This has a significant financial impact to your plant. INKO will help you stop paying for this huge amount of wasted energy.

Our Service Pays For Itself

Engaging us can find savings that not only pay for our services, but also result in a cumulative saving for years. That is because we help you to:

  • Reduce energy use for the same process result. Less energy use means less cost of energy. That saved money can be used elsewhere.
  • Improve the reliability and efficiency of your steam systems – reliability means less replacement cost
  • Identify failed or leaking steam traps as well as other potential low-cost O&M improvements
  • Realise a direct return on your investment that goes far beyond

SAGE UMT—Automatic Trap Tester

  • We use ultrasonic tests to hear what is happening in a steam system.
  • The contact probe localizes the sound coming from the trap (free of other pipe noises).
  • We use our temperature detector to identify whether the steam trap is plugged, closed or has failed in some way when the probe does not detect any sound.

Steam Trap Monitoring

The steam trap condition data will be transmitted into the nearest steam trap monitor avalaible in the neighbourhood and all the steam trap condition data from various steam trap monitor will be received by a Gateway wirelessly.

With an ethernet cable connection, the wireless gateway can be connected into a computer

When You Call Us Now, We Will:

  • Diagnose: we will complete an on-call discovery diagnostic and quotation for you
  • Map: our INKO team surveys your location to make a survey map for analysis
  • Tag: the team temporarily tags each of the steam traps 
  • Detect: then the team checks the steam traps with our ultrasound and temperature detectors 
  • Collect: data is collected and uploaded into our analysis app
  • Report: we send you our Steam Trap Survey report with clear action recommendations

With This You’ll Be Able To:

  • Take immediate action to reduce steam losses by replacing the failed steam trap
  • Immediately save money by reducing costs of fuel, fresh water and chemical treatment of the water at the steam boiler system
  • Immediately reduce the stress on the steam boiler as it no longer needs to produce more steam to replace the steam losses caused by faulty traps

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