Armstrong all stainless steel Free Floating Lever Air/Gas Vent 11-AV, 22-AV & 13-AV
Armstrong air vent (air release valve)


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The Armstrong all stainless steel free floating lever air vents have been developed to provide positive venting of air/gases under pressure.
The body and cap and all working parts of the No. 11-AV, 22-AV and 13-AV are made of high strength, corrosion resistant stainless steel. Body and caps are welded together to form a permanently sealed, tamperproof unit with no gaskets.
Elliptical floats and high leverage provide up to 115 SCFM capacity for these compact air/gas vents.
Lever action is guided to assure proper seating of the valve under all operating conditions.

11-AV, 22-AV and 13-AV—All stainless steel construction where exposure to either internal or external corrosion is a problem.
These air/gas vents have the same proven free floating mechanisms used in other Armstrong steam traps. 
Pressures to 600 psi @ 100°F (41 bar @ 38°C).

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Body Material Sealed Stainless Steel 304-L
Internals Seat : Hardened chrome steel—17-4PH Leverage System : 303/304 Stainless Steel Float : 304 Stainless Steel
Max. Allowable Pressure 500 psig @ 100°F (34 bar @ 38°C) ; 440 psig @ 500°F (30 bar @ 260°C)