Armstrong ALL STAINLESS STEEL steam trap thermodynamic disc with UNIVERSAL CONNECTOR
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Armstrong steam trap thermodynamic disc with universal connector
With a 360° universal connector, you can install the thermodynamic disc trap efficiently and long service life in any piping configuration with little or no repiping. With the benefit of all-stainless steel construction:
• A sealed, tamperproof package
• A compact, lightweight trap
• Exceptional corrosion resistance

CD3300 Series steam traps combine savings in three important areas: energy, installation and replacement. The 360° universal connector provides quick, easy in-line replacement 
Also available with optional IS-2 integral strainer connector.

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To get rid of:
- Condensate (water) out of a steam heating equipment that can create water hammering
- Air or gasses that can become an insulator in a steam heating equipment
  Especially CO2 gas that can react with subcooled (COLD) condensate to become carbonic acid that is corrosive 

We need to install a steam trap to drain the condensate & air/gasses continuously from a steam heating equipment