Habonim Compact II pneumatic actuator
Habonim Compact II pneumatic actuator Habonim Compact II pneumatic actuator Habonim Compact II pneumatic actuator Habonim Compact II pneumatic actuator Habonim Compact II pneumatic actuator Habonim Compact II pneumatic actuator Habonim Compact II pneumatic actuator Habonim Compact II pneumatic actuator
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The Compact actuator is a quarter turn Rack & Pinion actuator The superiority of the COMPACT II actuator over single and double rack & pinion actuator designs, results from the four pistons which generate torque around a centrally located pinion, thereby giving more than double the torque achieved by these designs. The increased number of pistons in the actuator allows their diameter to be reduced while maintaining its high torque. This also allows the overall size of the actuator to be reduced and become more compact. 

Size Range ....................... C15-C90M
Max torque output .............3565 Nm @ 6 bar, 31550 in-lb @ 90 psi
Air supply connection ...... Namur
Accessory top mount ...... VDI/VDE 3845
Valve bottom mount ........ ISO 5211
Certification ..................... ATEX 94-9-EC approved to category 2
Health & Safety ................Built-in safety features for maintenance and handling
Nested spring sets ........   various spring combinations sized to site operating pressure.
Other features ................. Small volume, light weight, space saving, fast acting, superior corrosion resistance, balanced four piston forces.
                                          less air consumption, less wear, adjustable limit stop, highly visible position indicator.

Proven Advantage
The COMPACT II is a quarter turn rack & pinion pneumatic actuator that is patented worldwide. The superiority of the COMPACT actuator over single and double rack
& pinion actuator designs, results from the four pistons which generate torque around a centrally located pinion, thereby giving more than double the torque achieved by these other designs. The increased number of pistons in the actuator allows their diameter to be reduced while maintaining its high torque. This also allows the overall size of the actuator to be reduced and become more COMPACT. 

Space Saving, Fast Acting

The COMPACT has four small cylinders, each located on one of the four sides of a cube. At a given air pressure, the COMPACT can produce the same torque
output as double piston actuators, using smaller diameter pistons and a narrower pinion. A narrower pinion results in a shorter piston travel, which permits a COMPACT, space saving mechanism and fast acting travel from one position to the next.

Superior Corrosion Resistance
The body and covers are anodized internally and externally, providing protection against ingress of corrosive atmosphere. giving more than 336 hours of life in a salt spray bath. An external epoxy base layer and a second polyurethane paint provides additional protection against aggressive environments. Optional Electroless Nickel Coating of body,covers and pistons.

Less Air Consumption
The COMPACT actuator saves energy; it gives maximum torque for minimum air consumption. The small piston diameter of the COMPACT actuator shortens the pistons stroke and thus serves to minimize the volume of air required for generating specific torque.

Balanced Forces
The cube-shaped configuration of the COMPACT positions the pistons so that each piston develops thrust along its own axis, rather than the off-axis thrust, that results from the geometry of most other actuator configurations. Piston side loading, caused by off-axis thrust, does not occur, thus resulting in less stress on the seals.

Nested Springs
The COMPACT four-spring chambers can use up to three different spring sizes, which are nested between the covers and pistons and are aligned by centering rings. Each spring is wound in the opposite direction to its neighbor to avoid entanglement. As there are four cylinders, there are many more spring combination possibilities than with double piston actuators. This results in better solutions for any air supply pressure required. Special painting of the springs provides higher corrosion resistance to the environment, giving more than 250 hours of life in a salt spray bath.

Spring cartridge
The modified spring set design improves the torque characteristics of the COMPACT actuator.
A spring cartridge actuators is used only in the C30M, C35M, C45M, C60M and the C75M actuator.
Modifications include deeper covers to allow sufficient volume for the spring cartridge, thereby increasing the overall dimensions of the actuator.
The spring cartridge is comprised of a shaped tube, in which the extended springs have been preloaded, and held safely in place by two rigid discs. Changing a spring set configuration in this design requires changing a complete cartridge. 


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A short response time is essential for valves operating in Emergency Shut Down (ESD) systems such as in refineries, power stations, mining and other applications where Safety Integrity Level (SIL) loops are mandatory.
The tables show the closing times (in seconds) of unloaded and loaded actuators, using “real-life” torque forces.
The stroke time measures the actual movement of the actuator, without delay by a solenoid or any other accessory.