Armstrong steam distribution manifold & condensate collection manifold
Armstrong steam distribution manifold & condensate collection manifold Armstrong steam distribution manifold & condensate collection manifold
Armstrong steam manifold & condensate recovery manifold

Steam manifold

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Armstrong steam distribution manifold 

The Steam Distribution Manifold places all steam supply valves in one assembly. Standardizing components and centralizing their location simplify installation, cutting costs from the beginning. Routine maintenance is faster, and you get the peace of mind of a three-year guarantee.


  • Reduced design specification costs
  • Lower installation costs, due to prefabrication
  • Reduced shipping and field handling costs
  • Lower long-term maintenance and operating costs
  • A three-year guarantee

Design flexibility

  • Dimensional consistency
  • Space savings
  • Availability of insulation packages

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Armstrong condensate collection manifold

Armstrong combines its Trap Valve Stations (TVS) with manifolds in a package called the Condensate Collection Assembly (CCA). This prepackaged assembly offers many great benefits—cost savings in assembly, design flexibility and reduced purchasing and design time. The CCA with TVS 4000 Series and the Inverted Bucket Traps is guaranteed for three years.

Cost savings

This preassembled concept offers tremendous savings by reducing multiple component purchases that cause additional purchase-order monitoring and shipping costs. Other savings include far less labor time for field assembly. This modular forged steel body design provides quick assembly/delivery, reducing overall project costs.

  • Eliminates multiple component purchases
  • Reduces design specification costs
  • Eliminates cumbersome field assembly, because components are prefabricated
  • Reduces shipping and field handling costs
  • Lowers long-term maintenance and operating costs
  • Protects with a three-year guarantee

Design flexibility

Armstrong can meet virtually any design parameter with your choice of socketweld or threaded connections. Inverted bucket, thermostatic, thermostatic wafer, or disc or bimetal steam traps can be provided for any other manufacturer’s two-bolt steam trap. If you require a specific piping arrangement, Armstrong offers the flexibility to meet your needs.

  • Compatibility with most Armstrong steam trap types
  • Compatibility with TVS 4000 Trap Valve Stations (TVS)
  • Dimensional consistency
  • Space savings
  • Option for freeze protection
  • Availability of insulation package


Manifold body: ASTM A105 forged steel


Removable insulation package (pre-assembly insulation package)

A removable insulation package is available for all steam and condensate manifolds. The package is:

  • Inexpensive
  • Quickly installed
  • Removable for maintenance
  • Reusable after maintenance
  • Weatherproof
  • Formed to cover all manifold elements
  • Strong and durable

Download CCA model pre-assembly insulation package manifold

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Armstrong TVS4000 series steam trap station
All stainless steel material (corrosion resistance)
Compact & easy to install
Eliminating donwtime of welding & installation
Used with steam trap that can be connected with universal connection

1.) Contractor can save time & save cost to fabricate the steam trap station
2.) Contractor can just install the TVS-4000 steam trap station into the steam piping
3.) Easy & very fast to dismantle & assembly back (5 minutes only)
Available with flange connection model TVS4000F


The dismantling & assembly back the steam trap takes only 5 minutes

Download catalog TVS-4000 screwed connection
Download catalog TVS-4000F Flanged connection

The Armstrong steam trap type that can be connected into steam trap station model TVS-4000
Download catalog Armstrong inverted bucket steam trap with universal connection
Download catalog Armstrong thermodynamic disc steam trap with universal connection
Download catalog Armstrong bimetallic superheat steam trap with universal connection 
Download catalog Armstrong float & thermostatic steam trap with universal connection
Download catalog Armstrong free float & thermostatic steam trap with universal connection
Download catalog Armstrong double orifice steam trap with universal connection

Armstrong TVS-5000 steam trap station
Economical steam trap station with carbon steel material
This steam trap station does not have strainer feature
So it is better to be combined with steam trap universal connection type that has integal strainer such as thermodynamic disc trap

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Download catalog thermodynamic/disc steam trap with universal connector