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Armstrong - Foxboro multivariable transmitter
Armstrong - Foxboro multivariable transmitter The Foxboro brand model IMV30 multivariable transmitt..
Armstrong - KEP rate meter & Totalizer
Armstrong - KEP rate meter & totalizer By receiving 4-20 mA input signal of mass flow rate from..
Armstrong - Yokogawa multivariable transmitter
Armstrong - Yokogawa multivariable transmitter The Yokogawa brand model EJX910A multivariable tranm..
Armstrong orifice plate & flange
Orifice Plate for Flow Measurement Orifice Plates are the most commonly used differential pressure..
Armstrong PTC6 ASME flow nozzle
Armstrong PTC6 ASME flow nozzle The ASME flow nozzle is a high performance, reliable flow measureme..
Armstrong venturi tube type of flow element
Venturi Tubes  Venturi tubes have long been specified and used in a multitude of flow measurem..
Armstrong Veris flow measurement element
Armstrong Veris flow measurement element Accurately measuring the flow of fluids is a critical need..
Armstrong Vortex Meter
Armstrong Vortex Meter Armstrong International is pleased to offer vortex technology for measuremen..
Armstrong wedge type flow element
Armstrong wedge type of flow element Accurate Measurement for Challenging Fluids Armstrong’s Wed..