Steam systems are one of the most energy intensive processes in many industries
One of the  cause of energy losses happened in the steam heating process system is due to the lack of proper maintenance of the steam traps in the system.

According to the Department of Energy, steam traps not properly maintained for three to five years "can result in failure rates of 15 to 30 percent.'
This failure allows steam to escape into the condensate return system, causing losses of up to 20% of the steam generated
Resulting in significant monetary losses.

INKO's Steam Trap Survey is designed to help customers in many ways
- Reduce their energy use
- Thus improving the reliability & efficiency of their steam systems
- Identify failed or leaking steam traps as well as other potential low cost O&M improvements
- Realise a direct return on your investment

In fact, the major trap manufacturers recommend regular testing.
- An ultrasonic test is a "positive" in that a user can hear what is happening within a steam
  system as it is being tested.
  A contact probe used to localize the sound coming from the trap will not pick up the other pipe
  noises since ultrasound intensity falls off rapidly as it moves away from its source.
- If there is no sound detected from the steam trap, a temperature detector is used to identify
  whether the steam trap is plugged or fail closed

The sequence of the steam trap survey is as follows:
- Survey location
- Make a location map & temporarily tagging the steam traps 
- Check the steam traps with acoustic (ultra sound) & temperature detectors 
- Fill in all the data required in a special steam trap survey form 
- Log in steam trap survey data into a computer 
- Create reports, Print the report of the Steam trap survey result in PDF, Excell or special chart 

Steam trap survey have to be done regularly, and the benefit are:
- Can reduce the steam losses by replacing the failed steam trap ASAP
- Not yet the saving of fuel, fresh water & chemical treatment of the water at the steam boiler
- Steam loses make the steam boiler works harder producing more steam, but the steam is
   wasted away
- It can detect also the CO2 emmission losses